CryptoKins Bitcoin Sculpture




**Your highly collectible cryptocurrency sculpture you can physically HODL and put on display to bring awareness to the crypto community and the iconic first digital currency known as Bitcoin.**


Limited Edition Bitcoin sculpture. Each sculpture comes numbered for authenticity.

This 4-inch tall resin sculpture is a limited run item, and was sculpted using firm PLA, hand-molded with silicon rubber, and casted using high quality polyresin.

Do you want your 4 inches of blockchain beauty staring back at you while you check each morning?

Each hand-crafted & hand-painted resin sculpture was numbered, initialized and packed in a custom protective sleeve before being packed into it’s beautiful product display box. MADE IN USA

◊ Includes prints and stickers

◊ Highly collectible cryptocurrency sculpture

◊ LIMITED EDITION RUN (only 16 sculptures)

◊ Exclusive CryptoKins boxart

◊ Meticulously hand-crafted

◊ Hand-painted with acrylic

◊ Made of high quality polyresin

◊ Made in Arizona USA

◊ Physically HODL your Bitcoin sculpture

◊ Ideal for Bitcoin HODLers, Bitcoin traders and Bitcoin miners

◊ ONLY shipping to the United States (for now…)

◊ FREE shipping!

CryptoKins was started with the goal of providing the crypto community with high quality, highly collectible, hand-crafted and hand-painted polyresin sculptures of the cryptocurrencies they are passionate about.

Because each piece of our limited run sculptures are meticulously hand-crafted then hand-painted with acrylic, using a variety of techniques, no two pieces will ever look exactly the same.

The molds are hand made with silicone rubber and hand casted with durable polyresin. This hand-crafted aspect is what makes CryptoKins so unique.

CryptoKins is all about spreading your crypto movement and bringing about awareness to your crypto community.

We see each sculpture we release as mini monuments or statues to help start the conversation about cryptocurrencies.

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